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Rani Mukherjee in Bikini

Rani Mukherji was born on 21st March 1978, in the state of West Bengal in India. Her zodiac sign is Pisces, She is five feet two inches tall, Her light brown eyes and husky voice gives her unique personality among the Indian heroines She feels comfortable in Jeans and tops but at the same time the Indian dress like the saris and from the western collection the gowns also attracts her. She likes most the fish preparations made by her mother; she is not on dieting but avoids cold drinks and heavy food items. She loves the food prepared at home like the plain roti, dal and salads. Her favorite hobby is dancing and recently she is learning the Odissi dance form of Indian Dance.

Her favorite perfume is Polo Sport. Rani Mukherjee is very bold and has a very strong personality, many times the rumor spread about her relationship with her co-stars and other celebrities but she was bold enough to deny each of the news. Till now she came out of such type of rumors scot-free. She is very emotional about her personal relationships. Her prized possession is the diamond ring which was presented to her by her father. Her opinion about the jewellery and other valuable is that it is better to have a room full of teddy bears instead of keeping the jewellery and other valuables in locker of the bank. Rani is a simple girl and this simplicity has won her many friends.
The latest number one position in the Bollywood actresses is being held at present by the queen of the heart of million fans, Rani Mukherji. Rani is considered to a very hot and sexy actress of bollywood. Rani Mukherji was born on 21st March, 1978 in West Bengal. Her parents were closely associated with the show business. Her father is film director Ram Mukherji who has now retired and her mother is a playback singer of yesteryear Smt. Krishna Mukherjee. Rani Mukherjee has numerous relatives who are associated with the film industry. Notable among them beside her father and mother are film actresses Debashree Roy her maternal aunt, Kajol, Tanuja and Sharbani Mukherji her cousins. Her brother Raja Mukherjee is also a film director.

Rani spent her childhood in Mumbai and completed her education from Maneckjee Cooper High School in Juhu, Mumbai. After she came out from the school, immediately she started receiving the offers from the film producers. At this point of time she was just 17 years old. She started her career in the Bollywood with Raja Ki Ayegi Baarat and in the Bengali films with the home production Biyer Phool. Both the films were released in the year 1996. The Hindi film did not performed well in the box office but her Bengali venture was able to sustain in the box office and can't be termed a flop. She can speak the languages Hindi, English, Bengali and Urdu fluently. Previously her dialogue delivery was not clear but she worked on it and now she is the only heroine with a husky voice in the Hindi film industry. The path for Rani was not clear yet and there was still time left for her being accepted as an actress in the Bollywood. She worked very hard to build her career in the films and slowly some of her films started getting the nod of affirmation from public. In the year 2000, she was drawn into the controversies due to the Kiss with Kamalhassan in the film.

Rani was termed as the cousin of Kajol in the early part of her career. But after the release of the Ghulam she immediately caught the attention of the media and the public. The release of the film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai she got the proper attention of the public and the media and got the recognition for her work in the film by way of the award for the best supporting actress in the year 1999 from the Filmfare. After the success of the film she started getting many offers for the role in the films from the Hindi movies. But most of the films did not get notable success in the box office instead Rani was able to establish firmly in the Bollywood with the release of the film Saathia. Since the year 2004 her career graph soared to the new heights every passing year in the year 2005 she was at her best while portraying the deaf and dumb girl in the movie Black. For this film she got all major awards and the film was critically acclaimed also. In this year another film Bunti Aur Babli portrayed her ability to tickle the ribs of the public and her sense of timing. Many times she performed on the stage most of time with her co-stars.

The rise in her career graph was due to her sheer determination and the dedication towards the portrayal of the roles enacted by her. Her attitude towards the work won her many friends and foes. But she fought with all the odds with sheer dedication and the guts. At the present time her work is appreciated and she is regarded as one of the top actresses of the Bollywood. Till now the hot and sexy Rani Mukherjee has received numerous awards for the recognition of her work. Few of her films are still in the making or the post production and when they are released I am sure that it would take her career to a new height.

With the dedication towards the roles she is portraying, it is for certain that Rani would rule the world of the Bollywood for many years to come as a real Rani or the Queen of the hearts of the movie goers.
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